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At G & R Contracting we are committed and dedicated to provide our clients with superior designed projects that reflect our goal of excellence. The ongoing working relationship between designer and construction team allows us to problem solve quickly when renovation complexities arise. With over 24 years of experience each Designer, Adam Mackowiak and myself, G & R Contracting owner, Brad Romphf, mean that as a team we can identify the best solutions to difficult problem thus giving you greater control of the overall renovation process.

The design/build process:

  1. Zoning and Building Code
    Identifying the subject property and its current location so that we can explore the existing bylaws and building code conditions that will or will not allow us to shape the design process and affect the design proposals.
  2. Initial Design
    The initial design phase begins with our visit to the site to measure and photograph the house and to produce drawings of the existing building. We then present you with up to two different design concepts for your project, based on your wishes, needs, and realities.
  3. Design Development
    Upon the results of your feedback we would refine your design selections in more detail providing you with additional plans if required with three dimensional sketches to represent a finished idea reflecting your desires. Discussions with structural engineers are consulted if necessary along with mechanical trades such as electricians and mechanical plumbers/ heating contractors so that they can be integrated into the design
  4. Final Working Drawings and Beginning Construction
    Upon resolving construction details, we add final dimensions and notes pertaining to the Ontario Building Code with an approved draftsman. You approve these drawings and we submit them to the Building Department at City Hall. Construction will commence once we receive the building permit. Throughout the construction process we continue to refine and discuss the selections and decisions of the design based on the on-site conditions to ensure the project is completed to your satisfaction .

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